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Women are spending more than ever before

It certainly isn’t news that women enjoy taking care of themselves and are more than happy to spend vast amounts of money on anything from fake tans and waxing to getting their hair and nails done. What is interesting however is that following the results of several new surveys, it has been found that British women are spending more money on their beauty routines than ever before. .

The first and perhaps most surprising result comes from a survey carried out by the British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (BABTAC). This found that women spend a whopping £200 a year just on their eyebrows. Participants cited eyebrow maintenance as a ‘crucial’ part of their regime compared to a mere 7% who said this isn’t something that’s a consideration for them.

It was found that the most popular eyebrow treatments are tinting and waxing with 56% saying they are planning semi-permanent eyebrow make-up as soon as possible. A further 35% say that this is something they’re strongly considering having done in the future.

Any woman who has ever been on holiday knows that the preparation that goes into this is serious business. Did you know however that preparing to look good for the beach sets women back more than the price of a holiday abroad?

Last year, the department store Debenhams carried out a survey which looked into women’s pre-holiday beauty routines and was stunned to find that 7% spend a whopping £400 on this. The average was a more modest £197 but still highlights how far women will go to look good.

When questioned about their holiday preparations, more than two thirds of women said that they go to the hairdresser before jetting off. 56% will get a professional spray tan or fake tan at home, 46% say they wouldn’t dream of going on holiday without having a wax done, four in ten go for a manicure and a further 22% will also get a pedicure.

Unbelievably, the survey also found that it’s not just holiday preparation that women are spending so much money on. Keeping up appearances whilst away is equally important as women spend on average, a further £86 on products such as make-up, hair protector, self-tanning lotion and other products purchased especially for holiday.

A spokeswoman from Debenhams Beauty Club, Christine Morgan commented:

“We see demand for treatments soar in the weeks before the summer holidays as everyone wants to look their best on this much anticipated week or two away. For many women, it’s not just about finding the right outfits. It’s more about no compromising on doing whatever it takes to make them feel at their most body-confident.”

Taking this into consideration, it will come as no surprise to learn that UK hair and beauty salons are enjoying ‘never seen before’ growth. Sally Salon Beauty Services published data in its annual Beautiful Britain report which revealed that 98% of salons are planning to increase their headcount over the next 12 months and 90% are optimistic about business prospects in the near future.

With the industry enjoying major growth there really has never been a better time to start a beauty salon or hairdressing business in the UK. Aside from the fact that women appear to enjoy their beauty routines so much, another thing going in the industry’s favour is the increasing number of men who are starting to take an interest in grooming. If you are interested in improving or learning new skills visit our beauty courses page to find out more.

Whilst female spend on salon treatments has increased by 19%, male spend has increased by 23%. Furthermore, everyday male treatments such as shaving have risen by 59% in salons so it’s safe to say that the industry will continue to enjoy this boom for some time now.