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Male grooming products are on the rise but have you tried and tested them yourself?!

Male grooming is on the rise with over half of all male consumers considering their appearance to be important or very important. It seems that the days of rolling out of bed with 5 minutes to grab a shower, your laptop bag and jump on the tube are well and truly over! With the focus on male grooming increasing, the beauty product companies have of course responded.

By 2018 it is estimated that cosmetic sales will reach over €121 million, but the market needs to respond and keep male products, masculine, specific and put simply, just male. Recent surveys have found that at least a third of men spend up to 30 minutes on their appearance every day!

However this rise in products that are now available to the male market should not be overlooked by the female population. Many male products are made for sensitive skin but are also created to ensure they are effective and thorough for the job they have been designed to do. The packaging may not be girly and flowery but this helps to keep costs down.
Here are 4 beauty products you should steal from your partner’s beauty cupboard to see if they suit you too!

Shaving Nick Pencil
There are a few manufacturers that make these pencils which are specially designed to help stop bleeding from shaving nicks. The pencils are made from a chalk like substance and miraculously stem the bleeding instantly. Sound familiar? The next time you manage to skin your ankle help is at hand!

Dove Shower Tool
Forget the loofahs and shower puff’s this fabulous shower tool has a dual purpose to leave your skin feeling youthful and refreshed. On one side you have the soft mesh to work up a great lather and the other side has a body scrubber for tackling those hard skin areas such as heels and elbows. This tool is made for men but perfect for women!

Facial Hair Removal
It probably won’t surprise you to know that beards and moustaches are definitely on the increase and with them comes a whole new army of products to help keep men’s facial hair trim and tidy. There are some great little gadgets such as the Conair Trimmer which not only trims beards and moustaches but is also great for nasal and eyebrow shaping! Well ladies need I say any more? These great little tools are very handy and can help keep top lip hair and eyebrow hair at bay if you haven’t had time to rebook your eyebrow shaping and tinting treatment.

Male Scent
Ladies perfume can be heavy, intense and flowery and if you’re looking for an alternative then your partner’s bathroom cabinet could be the perfect place to start your search! CK One is light and very easy to wear for both the day and night. Top notes are citrus, green tea and musk, resulting in a light and refreshing scent that can be worn by both sexes.

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