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Time to defuzz

As summer gets underway and the weather warms up, our bodies start emerging after months of hibernation. With our bodies on show once again and holidays looming, it may be the time to start thinking about removing unwanted hair from certain places on our body.

Many women have in common the desire to remove hair from their bodies be it their legs, arms, faces or bikini area. There of course is not a necessity for the hair to be removed but for some cultures women just prefer to remove their hair for cosmetic reasons.

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For instance, when wearing long or short skirts, ladies may prefer to expose their legs to the world without them being hairy. Another area that women also like to remove excess hair is around the bikini area so that when they wear a swimming costume there is no pubic hair on show. If you are going on your holiday and looking for new swimwear, Victoria’s Secret has a fabulous new range in for 2014.

Some ladies are lucky in that they do not have excessive hair growth where as others due to ethnic background may find that their hair grows thicker and coarser than others. Sometimes medication, hormone problems and illness can cause hair to either fall out or grow thicker.

There are a variety of different methods that you can use to remove unwanted hair from your body and depending on your skin and hair type and where on your body you are removing the hair from will depend on the type of hair removal method that you use.

Some techniques such as shaving which is ideal for legs and arms, will only remove hair for a couple of days before it grows back. The hair when it grows back won’t be any thicker or darker but it will grow back as stubble and therefore feel quite rough as the root has not been removed.

Many ladies now have their legs, armpits and faces waxed. Waxing can either be carried out using hot or cold wax. Hot wax is placed on the skin and specially designed cloth strips are then placed over the top. Once the wax has set on the hairs the strips are removed taking with them the unwanted hair. Cold wax strips can be bought in shops and carried out at home but it can be quite cumbersome. Waxing can also be used on the bikini area and the face. As these areas are sensitive this procedure can be quite painful but as the effects last longer it can be a preferable choice.

Threading is a traditional Indian method that has become highly popular in the UK. Thin cotton is used to remove unwanted hair around the eyes and upper lip. The cotton is twisted around the unwanted hair and then pulled out. It can be painful but is very quick and easy to carry out on facial areas.

We have a variety of hair removal courses that may be of interest to you. Why not Contact Us to discuss your plans in more detail; we’d be delighted to hear from you.