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The power of lemons!

If your summer frocks are sitting a little tight you may be thinking about losing a few pounds before the summer season is in full swing. If you’re a seasoned dieter you probably have a tried and tested diet plan which suits you well and helps you shift the winter weight. But if you’re new to dieting then make sure you research any diet before you start and try to think about your eating habits as this can really influence how easy or difficult you find sticking to a diet plan. The BBC recently ran a series of very interesting documentaries called ‘What’s the right diet for you?’ which you may find helpful. Every year there seems to be a new fad diet that takes the world by storm but the facts are very simple – to lose weight you must eat fewer calories than your body burns. How you do this is where your choice of diet comes in!


But whilst you sit and ponder which diet plan you should embark on, why not kick start your day with sipping a cup of hot lemon! This plain and simple hot drink has many benefits including helping your body detox to aiding weight loss. Here’s how it works:

Daily detox

Lemons are notoriously known for their acidic qualities but they are also a good source of alkaline food which can help balance your body’s ph. The combination of hot water with added fresh lemon helps to wake up your liver and flush out all the nasty toxins in your body.

Good morning digestive tract!

Not only does your liver get an early wakeup call, this basic but powerful hot drink also gets your gastrointestinal tract going which in turn helps your body to absorb nutrients all day.


Aiding weight loss

Even before you embark on your chosen diet plan, lemons can help you lose weight! Lemons contain pectin which is a soluble fibre which has been shown to aid weight loss.

Banish the pain

If you suffer from heartburn or have an upset tummy sipping a hot lemon drink can really help to soothe the pain away. The natural flavonoids contained within the lemon reduce the acidity build-up in your tummy leaving you feeling more comfortable.

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