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Stone Therapy Massage

Stone Therapy Massage is a treatment that is nowadays well-practiced and fairly common around the globe. Amongst other names it is also called a hot stone massage, hot rock massage, stone therapy, geo-thermal and river-stone. This type of massage was bought back into popularity in the 1990’s but it has been used in many cultures for relaxation and healing for the last couple of centuries.

Its true origins are not confirmed but it is thought to have derived from China as there are historical accounts that can confirm that the Chinese used hot stones to aid the health of internal organs more than 2,000 years ago. But additionally around the world there have been documented accounts which show there are strong links to Native America, Egypt, Europe and India who have all used hot stone massage to help illnesses and improve well-being over the centuries.

There have also been different stone practices noted which include wearing stones as ornaments to offer protection to help ward off ill-health. Another practice included stones being wrapped in plant leaves that were known to have healing properties and placed in a small hollow. The person receiving the treatment then lay on top of them to help cure them of illnesses.
If you have never heard of a hot stone massage or indeed have heard of it but never realised how beneficial it can be, here’s a few reasons as to why you’ll feel so much better afterwards!

Muscle relaxation
The heat from the stones helps to relax and loosen tense and tight muscles. This also helps deep tissue manipulation.

Improve sleep pattern
If you are over tired you may find that falling asleep becomes harder and harder as you worry more and more about not falling asleep, it can be a very viscous circle. The relaxation benefits from this type of massage will help you to sleep and more importantly fall into a deep sleep which helps the body to recover from over-tiredness. The Sleep Council website offers some great advice to help you get your much needed shut eye.

Stress management
Stress can affect people in different ways but one of the most common problems is that those who are under enormous stress can fall ill quickly and pick up viruses. Having too much stress in your life is quite simply bad for your health! Unfortunately it’s not always easy to get the stress out of our lives but what we can do to help ourselves, is to manage the stress as much as we can. You can also find out more by visiting this website: Lots of people have massage treatments to help relax their minds and bodies and having a hot stone massage is no different!

Pain relief
Using heat to relieve aches and pains is a well-known treatment that is simple and easy to use at home through microwaveable bean bags and hot water bottles. A hot stone massage offers the same healing treatment helping to reduce aches and pains and sore muscles.

When muscles are massaged they automatically release toxins that have built up in our bodies. If you have received a massage before, you may have been told to drink plenty of water afterwards as this helps to flush them out of your system. Flushing away these toxins will help you feel cleansed and more energetic.

If you fancy learning more about how to perform professional stone therapy massage treatments why not join our training team here at Aspire Beauty Training. You contact us or discover more on our Massage and Complementary Therapy courses.