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New Year Beauty Resolutions for 2014

With Christmas over and the celebrations of New Year fading fast, itís time to focus on you. Making small changes to your beauty regime will help to boost your self-confidence and energy levels giving you a fabulous start to 2014.

With our quick and easy-to-stick-to top tips below, you can really get a head start on the Ďnew youí for 2014.

Shiny Hair

Looking after your hair not only includes shampooing, conditioning and treating, what you eat plays a big part in having shiny, vibrant, strong hair. Eating a healthy balanced diet will ensure that your hair grows strong and healthily. Try not to wash your hair every day as this washes away your hairs essential natural oils. Rinsing and conditioning every other day will help to maintain your hairs shine. Treating yourself to a weekly treatment will also help give your hair an extra boost.

New Year Beauty Tips

Drink more water

The NHS recommended fluid intake for women is 1.6 litres per day and 2 litres for men. Water is the healthiest choice for fluid intake as it contains no calories and no sugar. Water is essential for our bodies in all sorts of different ways. A few of the benefits of drinking water are; a boost in energy levels, flushing out toxins, improving skin condition to mention just a few. If you think you should drink more water try swapping a couple of your normal drinks during the day for water instead. If you need to make the water slightly more appealing try adding mint, lime or lemon.

New Year Beauty Tips

Skin regime

Your skin regime will be personal to you and your skin type. Ensuring that you stick to a daily routine will really help give your skin a wonderful healthy look. Cleansing, toning and moisturising should be part of your daily routine. Exfoliating your skin once or twice a week will help remove dead skin cells which can leave you with a dull skin complexion and can clog your pores up. Remember to never leave your make up on overnight.

Use SPF (Sun Protection Factor)

The sun, although lovely to feel on our skin, contributes greatly to our skinís ageing process. Making sure you are adequately protected from being burnt by the sun is essential for healthy skin. Using a moisturiser that has SPF included as well as UV protection will help keep your skin appearing youthful. Donít be fooled by overcast days, your skin still needs protecting from harmful UV rays.

At Aspire Beauty Training we offer a range of beauty courses to help you learn more about your skin and body. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you make a great start to 2014.