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Nail Art


Nail art has actually been around for much longer than we think, as it was used in ancient times by tribal members who used kohl to paint their nails to indicate their status.

Nowadays nail art can be used to instantly transform an outfit or complement a look with the many different colours, glitter and designs that are available.

Recent times have seen sporting fans and even competing athletes use nail art to show their support to a team or a nation. At the London 2012 Summer Olympics there was a definite nail art battle between the swimmers Rebecca Adlington and Missy Franklin who each sported their national flags on their beautifully manicured hands.

If you fancy giving nail art a go make sure your nails are clean, well-shaped, trimmed and filed before you start. If you are a nail biter this could be your incentive to stop biting so you too can have fabulous nails. Visit the Boots website to view their range of products which can help stop nail biting.

Once your nails have been shaped, start with applying a base coat to each nail, this is the canvas if you like for your work. Once this has dried you can then start designing to your heart’s content. To make life easier you can buy nail art tools and equipment but to start with you may just use a simple toothpick until you become more confident. You’ll also have to work quite quickly as nail polish does have a tendency to dry quicker than the speed you can work at! If you make a mistake don’t despair, use a cotton bud and acetone to wipe it away and start again. Remember practice makes perfect.

There are many different designs you can copy from simple shapes to intricate patterns using several different colours.  Being creative yourself will help you gain confidence and encourage you to try out new colours and designs. You can even add jewels, stick on designs and glitter to really add a bit of sparkle and glamour to your hands.

Once you have created your perfect design, let it dry thoroughly and apply a top coat. This will help protect your work and your nails. Add an extra layer of top coat every couple of days to help them last a bit longer and make sure you wear gloves if you are doing any housework or manual labour otherwise your lovely designs could get ruined in an instant.

If you fancy learning a new skill and gaining a beauty qualification, why not treat yourself and join our Level 2 Award Nail Art Course. You can find out more by following the link.