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Keeping healthy with winter on the way!

Our Indian summer is well and truly over! Two weeks of glorious weather with soaring temperatures and sunny blue skies have changed into grey, damp, dark, dismally rainy days literally overnight. With many people suffering from SAD how do we keep ourselves feeling motivated until spring once again appears in all her glory next year? And more importantly how do we keep healthy and avoid the usual round of winter bugs and coughs and colds?

From exercising to eating a healthy varied diet here are a few top tips to keep you feeling fit, fresh and germ free for as long as possible this winter.

We all know that eating a balanced varied diet is healthy for us and great for our bodies as well as our minds. Eating fresh fruit and vegetables will ensure our bodies receive essential vitamins such as vitamin C, potassium and folate. A high fibre diet is also good for our hearts and can help our bodies fight against certain cancers. Dairy products are high in calcium which is great for our bones and contains vital vitamins and nutrients to boost our immune systems and fight against germs and bugs. Eating fish is a great way to get healthy fatty acids including omega-3 which can help lower the risk of depression and dementia. Visit the Nutrition website for more information about what to eat to keep you fighting fit this winter.

It’s all too easy as autumn draws in and winter approaches for us to close the door after a hard at work and snuggle up in front of the fire and watch our favourite TV programmes. But keeping active is essential not only in keeping us fit but it also helps exercise the mind. Exercising also releases endorphins which trigger a positive reaction in our bodies which believe it or not is similar to morphine! Keep exercising to ward off the winter blues!

Having a good sleep pattern is essential for our bodies, general well-being and our brains. During sleep our brains are working to prepare our minds for the next day. Our bodies also repair themselves physically whilst we sleep which is why not having enough sleep affects the way we function the next day. If you have problems with sleeping why not visit for help and advice.

Having a good mental well-being stands us in good stead to meet the challenges we face every day. To keep your general well-being healthy and strong make sure you take time out for yourself doing something you enjoy. That could be playing football, going to the gym, having a massage, or even trying new things like Pilates or yoga. Whatever it is that keeps you balanced and restores your well-being, make sure you continue throughout the winter.

With the build-up of Christmas just around the corner the party season will soon be in full flow! Make sure you don’t over commit yourself otherwise you’ll be partied out before December arrives. If you are hitting the town and staying out late try not to burn the candles at both ends and give yourself time to recover!

If you are already a trained beautician you may be looking at widening your skillset this winter. We have a range of courses which may be of interest to you including massages, hair removal and nail treatments. Alternatively if you’d prefer to be pampered, why not book one of our great salon treatments.