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How to keep your make-up looking great in the summer

Most of us look forward to the summer, especially if we’re jetting off on a much-needed holiday. The only downside is that the hot weather can really wreak havoc with our beauty regime.

If you find that your make-up slides off within minutes of applying it, you end up with embarrassing mascara streaks down your face and your skin looks too shiny, here are some great ways to keep your make-up looking perfect this summer.


Use a primer

You can use a primer all year round but they’re particularly great in the summer because they really help to keep your make-up in place. Whether you like to have a full face of make-up or keep it simple with a BB cream, primers are perfect regardless of the look you’re going for.

They also have the added benefit of combating shine, creating a smooth base for foundation, concealing imperfections and helping your make-up last longer. If you’re new to the world of primer, check out Vogue’s list of the best primers on the market.

Less is more

As the seasons change, so should the contents of your make-up bag. In winter you can get away with a heavier base and darker eyes but in the summer this isn’t necessarily the case. Definitely opt for the ‘less is more’ mantra when it’s hot outside otherwise you’re going to struggle to keep your face looking fresh.

You will naturally sweat more in the summer and a heavy foundation won’t help matters so opt for a lighter base such as a BB cream. Keep your eyes and lips neutral as well and don’t forget the bronzer to create that perfect sun-kissed look.


Waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara is a beauty must-have during the summer months. It will prevent you from getting those embarrassing streak marks before you even get to the office and it’s an absolute god-send when you’re on holiday.

A good waterproof mascara is designed to be budge-proof which can make it tricky to remove at night. The skin around your eyes is very delicate however so make sure you don’t rub too hard when trying to remove it.

Oil is fantastic at removing stubborn mascara so invest in an oil-based cleanser. There are a number of products you more than likely already have around the house which are great for removing waterproof mascara as well. Here is a list of products which are safe to use around your eyes.

Control shine

As we mentioned earlier, you will naturally perspire more in the summer which will make it more difficult to control shine.
In winter, the skin naturally dries out due to the harsh temperatures and central heating so you will need a more intense day cream. Skin types do vary but when it’s warmer outside most people will need an oil-free moisturiser to help control shine. It’s an added bonus if you use one that has SPF in it.

Don’t forget that a primer can help to control shine and an oil-free foundation is also highly recommended. Set your base with a translucent powder as this will prevent your make-up from sliding off and will help to keep it in place all day.

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