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Welcome in the Spring with Gorgeous Hands and Nails

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As February is such a short month March has appeared in a flash, bringing with it the blooming daffodils. Marking the changing of the seasons March is always very welcome as it heralds the start of lighter evenings, with the clocks going forward in just over 2 weeks’ time.

Throughout the winter months looking after our health can be quite a challenge with winter colds affecting many people. Our bodies also suffer from the harsh elements that we are exposed to. But now that spring is well and truly here, it’s time to pay attention to our hands and nails to make sure they are in tip top condition.

Here are a few ideas to help keep your hands looking and feeling great.

Balanced Diet

We all know that beauty starts from within and this couldn’t be truer for your hands and nails. Eating a nutritionally balanced diet and drinking plenty of water will ensure that your nails are strong and healthy and that your skin is clear and radiant.


Moisturising your hands frequently will help chapped and dry skin. In the winter months chose a heavier moisturiser to help protect your hands. You can also indulge in hand massages and manicures to help combat the winter blues.


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Protecting your hands from any chemicals whilst doing housework or gardening will make sure your skin stays fresh and doesn’t dry out. There are many choices of fun rubber gloves and gardening gloves to add a little sparkle to you chores. The National Trust has some great pink gloves to make weeding more fun.


Cuticles often get missed but it’s just as important to look after them as much as your nails and skin. Use a good quality cuticle cream to prevent your cuticles from drying out and becoming broken and sore.


And finally to really welcome in the spring, why not paint your nails in this season’s colours and try the latest funky nail artistry designs. There are many different colours to try that will brighten up your nails and show your gorgeous hands off.

We have a range of nail courses available, from manicures and pedicures to nail art and nail enhancement qualifications. To find out more about how we can help you have beautiful hands and nails Contact Us, we’d love to hear from you.