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Fancy a facial?

Looking after our bodies both health and well-being has numerous ways to help us cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life. Some people enjoy massages or nail treatments where as others enjoy spa days or exercise to help them reduce their stress levels and keep them looking and feeling great.

No matter what your chosen activity or treatment is, a facial can offer different benefits to your health including the look, feel and health of your skin. Here are five of the top reasons as to why many people treat themselves to regular facials.

facial treatment

Great looking skin

With the change of seasons comes a change to the condition of our skin. For instance in the winter we can often suffer from dry skin due to the heating being turned up, where as in the summer our skin can suffer from being to oily or indeed with inadequate protection get sun burnt. Our normal everyday lives can also affect our skin such as a poor diet and not getting outside in the fresh air. Having a facial with products to suit your skin type will help restore your skins vitality and will also allow your skin to absorb the nutrients it needs from the products, helping to replenish itself.


One of the conundrums many of us face each and every day is how to make more time. We all seem to have busy lives where we constantly juggle work, home, social commitments and family demands. Taking time out for a facial will help recharge your energy levels not only for the time you are in the treatment room but also for the next few days. A break from your normal routine will help enormously to help reduce your stress levels.

New you

facial treatment

Facials can work from the outside in. Your skin will respond to the treatment leaving it not only feeling tauter but also softer and more vibrant. Knowing that your skin looks better will boost your confidence and give you a lift. After all if we look great on the outside we feel more positive on the inside!


You will also be able to discuss your skin and any issues you have with your facial masseuse. They will be able to give you additional tips and advice for your skin type, helping to keep you feeling healthier and more vibrant for longer.

es. If you would like to find out more about our salon treatments why not contact us today. You can also visit our Facial Massage and Skin Care page to discover more about the courses we offer.