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Contouring Made Easy!

The world of make-up has been hit with a new phenomenon, well it’s new to the general population but this way of applying make-up has actually been around for many years used mainly for catwalk models and TV screens..

So if the new buzzword on the street is ‘contour’, what is it and how easy is it to apply? First off contouring is making the best of your facial features and reducing those that you are not so keen on. For instance if you think have a big nose there are techniques you can apply to make your nose appear less prominent. If you’ve always yearned for killer cheekbones then look no further.

But beware. Too much of anything is a bad thing and over use of powders and a heavy handed approach may not create the most natural image you desire. The image you create should be subtle and artistic.

Here are some top tips before you get stuck in:

  • Use the correct toners to contour, don’t fall into the trap of using your bronzer unless you have tanned skin. If you’re not sure you can always get colour tested to make sure you have the right tones for your skin type.
  • Brushes, brushes and brushes! It’s all about the beauty products and tools and the better your brush the better your contour.
  • Buffing and blending. Never leave lines that are noticeable. Blending is key to creating that illusion of perfection.
  • Use your fingers to feel where your cheekbones are and then add your powder or cream in a curve almost banana shaped under your cheekbone. Never draw a straight line and never draw the line further than the outer corner of your eye. When blending brush backward towards your ear.
  • Instead of using a dark contour powder you can highlight features using a highlight shade just as well. For accentuating the pout of your lips for instance apply a lighter one along the top of your lip shaped to the pout you prefer. You can also emphasise your eyes by applying a small amount of highlighter along the top of your cheekbones making sure this is blended in perfectly. To accentuate cheekbones simply apply a small dab of blusher on the apples of your cheeks.
  • The easiest and quickest way to contour your face is to use the basis of a number three along the outside of your face. Start at the hairline, in line with the centre of the eye, blend down the side of your temple near your hairline to where you meet your cheekbone shading. Then finish by sweeping your contour along the underside of your jawline, Top tip, remember to do both sides of your face!
  • For noses you can create a narrow image by applying shade down the part of your nose that starts to widen. Keep it simple and don’t over apply otherwise you will end up with a very odd shaped nose!
  • For long faces a simple application of contour powder under the chin will create a shadow effect but make sure you blend in well. Make sure you keep the shading in line with the size of your mouth.
  • For fabulous eyes, use a darker contour shade in the eye socket line to create a natural shadow that defines the eyes. Then apply a little highlighter under the brow and if you feel brave in the corner of your eye as well to make your eyes really stand out.

There are plenty of video tutorials on YouTube you can watch as well which may give you a better understanding. Why not try

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