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Women are spending more than ever before

15th June 2016

It certainly isn’t news that women enjoy taking care of themselves and are more than happy to spend vast amounts of money on anything from fake tans and waxing

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How to keep your make-up looking great in the summer

19th May 2016

Most of us look forward to the summer, especially if we’re jetting off on a much-needed holiday. The only downside is that the hot weather can really wreak havoc

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Contouring Made Easy!

15th April 2016

The world of make-up has been hit with a new phenomenon, well it’s new to the general population but this way of applying make-up has actually been around for many years

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Top Holiday Destinations 2016!

30th March 2016

Apparently over 5.8 miliion Brits will have booked our summer holiday by the end of January 2016! And what’s more, many of us book exactly the same destination and hotel that we visited the previous year

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Shaking off those Winter Blues!

25th February 2016

It’s time to stop hibernating and banish those winter blues! During the winter months our skin and bodies take a beating from the cold winter weather. So why not treat yourself this weekend and give your body a pamper session without breaking the bank!

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Beauty Trends for Spring 2016

29th January 2016

As our weather continues to throw all kinds of surprises at us, such as daytime temperatures in December of +14 degrees centigrade, it’s hard not to assume we’re already in spring.

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Keeping on top of the Party Season!

31st December 2015

Christmas is looming with only a handful of sleeps left and no doubt many of us will be burning the candle at both ends as the party season kicks into full swing. If you’re having trouble keeping up with the early mornings and late

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Treat the man in your life this Christmas.

27th November 2015

Male grooming is on the rise with over half of all male consumers considering their appearance to be important or very important. It seems that the days of rolling out of bed with 5 minutes 

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Keeping healthy with winter on the way!

6th October 2015

Our Indian summer is well and truly over! Two weeks of glorious weather with soaring temperatures and sunny blue skies have changed into grey, damp, dark, dismally rainy days literally overnight.

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8 Beauty Cheats to help your pocket

29th September 2015

Forking out for new beauty products can be a costly exercise so if money is tight and you want to save your pennies why not use some of our top beauty cheat tips

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Stone Therapy Massage

28th August 2015

Stone Therapy Massage is a treatment that is nowadays well-practiced and fairly common around the globe. Amongst other names it is also called a hot stone massage

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Travelling Beauty Tips

28th July 2015

The summer holidays are at last upon us and many of us have booked our annual excursion to warmer climates. A flurry of suitcase packing, unearthing of dusty passports and holiday

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Top Tips to help you Sleep!

18th June 2015

A good night’s sleep works wonders for many of us, helping replenish energy levels, keeping us looking and feeling fresh. During sleep our bodies repair themselves, healing muscles

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Hopi Ear Candles

18th May 2015

Our ears are complex organs of the body that carry out a phenomenal job. They capture sounds waves and turn them into electrical signals so that our brains can process the information.

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The power of lemons!

29th April 2015

April 2015 has been unseasonably warm and our normal adage of ‘April Showers’ has disappearedbehind the glorious sunshine that has shone down on us

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19th March 2015

The use of electricity for cosmetic purposes is not a new-fangled technique, in actual fact it dates back to the end of the 19th Century. In today’s world electrotherapy

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Fancy a facial?

19th February 2015

Looking after our bodies both health and well-being has numerous ways to help us cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life.

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Beating the January blues

31st January 2015

January is always a long month but thankfully we are now very nearly the end with the delight of spring to look forward to in just a few weeks.

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Christmas Beauty Top Tips

11th December 2014

We’re finally on the countdown with only 14 sleeps to go! Christmas can be a very hectic time with not only the panic about present buying and card writing

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Treat yourself for Christmas and save money!

24th November 2014

Already we are in the last week of November and my daughter informed me with much delight last night, there are now only 31 sleeps to go until Christmas!

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Autumn Beauty Tips

28th October 2014

Autumn leaves bring to mind pictures of dry crisp leaves carpeting our paths and walkways in wonderful vibrant hues of red, gold, brown and yellow.

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Nail Art

posted 25th September 2014

Nail art has actually been around for much longer than we think, as it was used in ancient times by tribal members who used kohl to paint their nails to indicate their status.

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Are you a Spray Tan Virgin?

posted 19th August 2014

For those of us who have pale skin, looking bronzed and healthy can be nothing more than a dream, especially as we now know sunbathing comes with risks. . .

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How to keep cool during the festival period

posted 8th July 2014

Glastonbury Festival 2014 is already a dim and distant memory which means the festival period for this year is now well and truly underway. With the UK weather as unpredictable as ever, packing for all conditions is an essential part of festival life. . .

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Time to defuzz

posted 12th June 2014

As summer gets underway and the weather warms up, our bodies start emerging after months of hibernation. With our bodies on show once again and holidays looming, it may be the time to start thinking about removing unwanted hair from certain places on our body . . .

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5 great ways to make your eyes stand out

posted 7th May 2014

Our eyes are one of the most noticeable things about us, especially when we meet people for the first time. Said to be the mirrors of our soul, . . .

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Make up to the Stars

posted 1st April 2014

Part of the Strictly Come Dancing magic comes from the amazing work of the costume designers and hair and make-up teams that work tirelessly behind the scenes

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Welcome in the Spring with Gorgeous Hands and Nails

6th March 2014

Now that spring is well and truly here, it’s time to pay attention to our hands and nails to make sure they are in tip top condition.

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Top Beauty Treatments for the Spring

posted 19th Feb 2014

This year seems to have been rather a wash out with continuous raining and horrendous flooding across the country it really has been a wet and miserable start to 2014.

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New Year Beauty Resolutions

posted 7th Jan 2014

It’s the time of year where we all promise to get fit, stop drinking and eat less. Here at Aspire Beauty we know they are hard to keep, so here are a few simple beauty resolutions for you to try. They are easy to keep and will leave you feeling refreshed all year long.

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Christmas Sparkle Tips

posted 15th Dec 2013

The most wonderful time of year is finally here which means it is time to add a little extra sparkle to your life. Aspire Beauty has a few tips to make sure you shine bright this Christmas!

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