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Beauty Trends for Spring 2016

As our weather continues to throw all kinds of surprises at us, such as daytime temperatures in December of +14 degrees centigrade, it’s hard not to assume we’re already in spring. Our cold snap lasted for about 5 days and then within the blink of an eye our temperatures have risen once again to double figures. The bulbs most certainly think spring has arrived, with daffodils already displaying their yellow trumpet heads as early as the first week in January in certain parts of the UK!
With the focus of make-up erring on the subtle look for the majority of last year, this trend seems to remaining for Spring 2016. Classy and chic the look is encouraging you to play it simple but with an overall striking effect by highlighting just one feature such as bold rimmed eyes which is then counter balanced with say a natural colour on the lips. If you fancy playing around with these subtleties why not try out some of the trends this coming season:


Baby Blues
Electric blue eye makeup is back in fashion. Use your creative flair on your eye lids to create a luscious look that brings to mind a surfer’s paradise of sunshine, salty air and sandy beaches. Keep the rest of your makeup subtle with a natural lip colour and understated mascara.

Highlight those brows
For some, creating an intense look with powerful drawn in eyebrows that sit just below your natural brow can be a really effective way of showing off your natural features. Again keep everything else subtle and natural so your brows stand out to full effect.

Dark Lines
Heavily kholed eyes can give your face a really dramatic look. Make sure you use a high quality kohl pencil such as Mac, to really work your lower lid. Heavily outlining the natural contour of your eye can be extremely effective without the need to use further make-up such as mascara and eye shadow. Let the kohl do the work!

Last year saw metallic eye shadow come into its own and this coming season the look is still very much in but with a nod to subtlety and ‘less is more’. Keep the look simple and use shimmers in natural complementing colours to bring your eyes to life. Remember the less is more look really will be more striking and effective.

It’s all about the lashes
If you’re one of the many that likes to wear false eyelashes then you won’t be disappointed this spring! Bold and dramatic, eyelashes are a must this season. Why not play around with them and create a fun and futuristic look that will be the envy of your friends.

Rose bud lips
The classic look of bright red lips which has been in and out for many decades is back in this season, known on the cat walk this year as the ‘Snow White’ look, this season the inspiration is being drawn from fairy-tales. The daring red lip dramatic look is once again back in.

There’s a lot to think about this spring but remember, keep it simple and focus on highlighting one feature and you won’t go far wrong! If you’d like to learn more about applying make-up either as a profession or just for your own creativity why not join us on our Cosmetic Make-up course. Contact us now to find out our availability.