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8 Beauty Cheats to help your pocket!

Forking out for new beauty products can be a costly exercise so if money is tight and you want to save your pennies why not use some of our top beauty cheat tips below so that you can save your hard earnt cash and treat yourself to the special things you really want.

Here are our favourite 8 beauty cheats, but there are plenty more where these come from!


With this unseasonably warm weather, which I have to say is an absolute delight, if you’ve left your eye liner pencil in the car or in the sunshine and it’s now a runny, sticky mess, instead of throwing it away just put it in the freezer to chill. You’ll soon have your pencil restored to full working order!

Dried up Mascara
And on the other end of the scale, if you’ve left the top off of your mascara and it’s now as hard as nails, don’t despair. Just submerge it into a cup of boiling water to reduce the clumpy lumps to a liquid again - make sure the top is screwed on tightly to avoid water seeping in.

Beating the Spots
Most beauty companies have a full range of acne lotions including creams, washes, target sticks and moisturisers but if you want a cheap and cheerful trick that is just as effective try dabbing toothpaste on the affected area. The antibacterial properties contained within toothpaste work wonders on spots. Sudocrem is also another fabulous product that is not only great for nappy rash, sunburn and small cuts and scrapes but also for targeting unsightly blemishes.

Perfect Lips

If you wear lipstick and are fed up of checking for smudges and reapplying, why not try blotting translucent powder on top of your applied lipstick. You lips will stay looking fresh all day long with less applications needed.

Greasy Hair
If you haven’t had time to wash your hair before work, head to your baking cupboard instead of using an expensive dry shampoo product. A little cornflour applied to your roots will soak up the oil in your hair and will also remove the unwashed odour. Use a little to begin with; you can always add more if needed.

Concealer Triangle
If you apply your concealer in a line of dots underneath your eye following your eye’s natural curve this could be the reason why your concealer never seems to do the job and you probably applying far more concealer than necessary. Instead try applying your concealer in a triangle underneath your eye, and blend downwards. This top tip will soon remove any unsightly bags.

Plumper Lips    
If you normally fork out an expensive lipstick that gives your lips a fuller plumper look, try using peppermint oil instead. It really does do the same thing but with a far cheaper price tag!

Vaseline the wonder jelly
Vaseline really is an addition that should be included in everyone’s make-up bag. It can smooth wild strands of hair, act as a highlighter, a great moisturiser for dry skin problem areas, and can even remove your make-up if you’ve run out of make-up remover wipes. What’s not to love about Vaseline?!

Of course our range of Beauty Therapy Courses will give you the knowledge and skills where you can learn even more top tips of the trade! You can book on-line or Contact Us for more information.