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Autumn Beauty Tips

Autumn leaves bring to mind pictures of dry crisp leaves carpeting our paths and walkways in wonderful vibrant hues of red, gold, brown and yellow. With the change of seasons comes the Autumn Beauty Tips change in weather and itís time to make sure you are prepared for the coming months as the weather turns colder and our heating turns up.

autumn beauty tips

Here are 5 top beauty tips to help keep your skin and body in great shape over the winter period.

Facial Complexion

As the weather turns colder our faces take the brunt of the extremities. Keep your skin fresh and young by ensuring you have a good skincare routine. Cleansing, toning and moisturising will help maintain healthy vibrant skin. Garnier have a great range of skin care products to help you deal with the cold. You may also want to build in a weekly beauty treatment if you donít already do so. Adding a facial or facemask once a week will help rejuvenate your skin cells and improve your skins tone and appearance.

autumn nails beauty tips

Hand Care

Our hands are often exposed to the cold and wet during winter. Make sure you use a good hand cream often and wear gloves when you are outside. You should also wear rubber gloves whilst carrying out your daily chores which will help protect your hands from drying out. No matter what the weather, Cotswold Outdoor has gloves for every occasion.

Diet and Exercise

Itís all too easy, as the evenings draw in, to light a fire and snuggle down for a night in front of the TV. But keeping active and fit will not only help you to keep in shape but will also help your complexion. Eating healthily will also help to keep you from feeling sluggish and boost your energy levels. For a change, try eating fresh seasonal fruit, vegetables, meat and fish to spice up your diet.


Why not try out some new make-up and use the kaleidoscope of autumn colours for some natural inspiration. Shades of brown, gold and red can really set your eyes alight so why not try something new this season. Lips can easily dry out so keep a little pot of lip salve or Vaseline handy whenever you are out.


Central heating can play havoc with our hair. If you find that your hair becomes drier and more static in the winter it could be because of the central heating dehydrating your hair. But do not despair you can easily help your hair by using deep conditioning treatments. Avoid harsh chemicals as these too can dry out your hair and why not try a leave-in conditioner to really give your hair a boost.

We have a range of beauty courses on offer which you may find of interest. Why not keep yourself occupied during the long winter evenings and join us to learn a new skill.

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