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Travelling Beauty Tips

The summer holidays are at last upon us and many of us have booked our annual excursion to warmer climates. A flurry of suitcase packing, unearthing of dusty passports and holiday purchases are made. But before you start your frenzied search of bikinis and summer clothes, here are a few top tips to help keep your travelling light and as stress free as possible.

If your suitcase is bulging and threatening to take you over the dreaded weight limit for flying, check out your hotel facilities as a first port of call. We all like our home comforts but if your accommodation provides you with a hairdryer and towels you may be able to reduce the amount of personal items you need to pack.

Dry Shampoo
This could be an absolute god send if you are planning on backpacking or indeed if you’re planning lots of festival weekends this summer. You could also look into buying a quick dry towel. These great inventions are not only light weight and highly absorbent but they also pack down really small.

Hat and Sunglasses

Travel Light
Bottles, sprays, cans and make-up! Every single one of our daily beauty regime adds weight to our suitcases! If you can, decant your lotions and potions into smaller bottles and tubs so that you carry with you only what you need whilst you are away. If your accommodation does not have hair drying or ironing facilities, take a look at these travel items, which are small and compact for travelling abroad

An absolute must especially for those with long hair and going on beach holidays! Probably one of the best inventions ever, these lightweight brushes make absolute mincemeat of even the most knotty hair with minimum fuss and tears!

Compact Mirror
You just never know when you may need a mirror. If you can trust yourself to carry a small mirror safely, this little beauty item will be on hand wherever you travel and can be accommodated in a small clutch bag or purse.

Sun Protection

Sun Protection
An absolute must on your travel list. We all know the risks of sunburn and the knock on effects of potential cancer worries that it really is not worth risking sunburn. Use a lotion that has a high sun protection factor and make sure you reapply frequently. If the sun’s too hot move to the shade and just enjoy being on holiday! And remember a suntan is not a measure of your enjoyment! If you are travelling with younger children there are plenty of sun protection clothes and hats many of which have flaps that cover the sensitive skin on the back of necks. Wearing a hat not only helps to keep sunstroke at bay but can also offer much needed shade and protection to your face from the sun’s harmful rays. If you’re worried about looking frumpy, don’t worry there are plenty of smart sunhats in all the trendy shops for this year’s sunny season! Boots have a great range of sun protection lotions.

And lastly, before you finally set sail, make sure you’ve booked a nail treatment in our salon here at Aspire Beauty Courses so that we can send you off with a gorgeous holiday colour on your fingers and toes!